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Welcome to ManhattanView: An exceptional rehabilitation and care center that invites its residents to live life to its fullest, daily.

Clinical Leadership.
Measurably better outcomes.

Our renowned commitment to improving care outcomes starts from the top down — driven by our award-winning medical director, skilled nurse-practitioners, consulting specialists and top tier team.

Explore our exceptional suite of rehabilitation and care programs

Short-term rehabilitaiton
An enhanced recovery track

We are renowned for our forward-thinking, outcome-focused short-term subacute program, which offers a full suite of specialized and complex care to help residents recover strength and health quickly and safely.

Long-term rehabilitation
A heightened level of care

Our phenomenal long-term care program offers comprehensive and compassionate care in a warm, cheerful environment whose every focus is on lifting spirits, improving health, and infusing positivity into daily living.

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Luxurious accommodations, 5-star amenities. Everything you’d expect from a world-class facility — and more

We accept most insurances, including:

Clover Health

Residents and Testimonials

"I love it here! The people here are family to me. The staff treat me too nice, and make me feel a part of something. ManhattanView is my home."

Mercedes Hermandez

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Extend Your Life By as Much as 4 Years — Just By Staying Active

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Showing Up for Rehab During Turbulent Times

Showing Up for Rehab During Turbulent Times

Unfortunately, yet understandably, there are more seniors deciding against joining or rejoining their necessary rehabilitation during these turbulent and questionable times. With sickness still surrounding us, and with so much

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