Top 5 Home-Safe Remedies to Prevent and Ease Flu Symptoms

Top 5 Home-Safe Remedies to Prevent and Ease Flu Symptoms

‘Tis the season for our little viral friend the flu. Maybe he’s paying you a visit as we speak, or maybe you’d like to buckle down on some preventative action-steps so that if he does start knocking at your door, you’re a little more prepared than you were 5 minutes ago.
Of course, these are natural home-safe remedies that don’t replace the guidance and advice of your doctor. So please, always double check with your doctor before you try something your not already familiar with. Ready? Here we go!
  1. Hydration – Whether it’s you or your children  tackling the flu this year, hydration not only eases symptoms, but also speeds up recovery. Abbot experts explain that bodily fluids carry your immune cells throughout your body and staying hydrated helps them get where they need to go to fight off infections.

    Water is a critical component of lymph, a clear-to-white fluid that contains many of the white blood cells, including lymphocytes, that attack invaders in the blood to help you fight off illness.

  2. Vitamin C – In high enough doses, vitamin C had been shown to be very effective at eradicating the influenza virus, sometimes after serious complications such as encephalitis have arisen along with many other viral syndromes (Klenner, 1949: Vargas-Magne, 1963).

    It’s best to get the vitamin through your diet. The fresher the food, the better. Think oranges, rather than orange juice or supplements. Overdoing it on vitamin C supplements (not dietary vitamin C) can lead to upset stomach and sometimes kidney stones.

  3. Sleep – Go get some rest! Sleep restores the body and helps your immune system function at it’s best to ward off nasty viruses and bacteria. Sleep deprivation opens the door to a wide range of illnesses by weakening the body’s immune system, now and in the future.

    We literally become more susceptible to flu and other viruses when our bodies don’t get enough sleep. Sleep is our number one natural defense mechanism, and can do so much good for our bodies. Let’s utilize it!

  4. Honey & Tea – Honey, specifically raw, local honey has antiviral and antimicrobial properties that you’ll want to get into your body if you’re fighting the flu. Warm drinks like tea with healing herbs like ginger and cinnamon, will be extremely beneficial as well.

    Whether your suffering from the common cold, flu or even seasonal allergies, raw local honey can help. But why local and why raw? When industrialized or pasteurized, raw honey’s unique flavor and myriad of health benefits are lost due to high temperatures. And buying local is better and not just because it reduces pollution and saves resources. Bees that pollinate in your local region are exposed to the same allergens that you are exposed to, so in a sense, the honey they create is going to be more effective for you.

  5. Chicken Soup – Mmmmmmmm, I can already start smelling the savory and warming aroma of a big pot of veggies and chicken soup simmering on the stove. It’s like a big pot of love. But is it really going to ease flu symptoms? Yes, and here’s why.

    Hot liquids, such as soup, help reduce mucus buildup and keep you hydrated. A study from University of Nebraska Medical Center found chicken soup has anti-inflammatory properties, which help reduce a cold’s unpleasant side effects. Throw in some anti-inflammatory veggies like fresh ginger, garlic, and turmeric for added flavor and added goodness.

From the ManhattanView family, we hope you’ll try some of these tricks and tips and feel better soon.

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